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SSRS and Dynamics GP Report Models

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Have you ever wanted to create a new Dynamics GP report, but were overwhelmed by finding out how to get the data that you wanted? Report writing isn’t impossible if you already have a data source that gives you the data you want, but what if you want something a little different?

The Dynamics GP database layouts include thousands of tables, views, stored procedures and tens of thousands of columns for data.

 To help you get the right data without being a Dynamics GP database expert, there are 13 ‘Report Models’ that are available using the Report Builder tools that are built into the Reporting Services system. Each Report Model provides you with multiple understandable datasets that will allow you to create shared data sets.

 For example, the SalesOrderProcessing Report Model has 12 entities including “Sales Transaction” which presents all posted and unposted sales documents in one dataset. Other entities include “Sales Line Item” and “Sales Distribution”.

 To use a Report Model using SRS Report Builder 3.0:

  1. Create a new dataset,
  2. ‘browse to other data sources”,
  3. select the “Report Models” folder and the specific Company folder,
  4. Choose the Report Model in the “Select a Data Source” window
  5. Now the Report Model shows in the “Choose a Data Source Connection or Model” list
  6. Click the CREATE button at the bottom right
  7. In the DataSet Editor window, select the SQL Entity and fields that you want as data columns
  8. Click the SAVE button top left to save your new Dataset (save it in a folder and with a name that you can find later)
  9. Create a Report using your new dataset

 SQL Server Reporting Services are a built-in part of MS SQL SERVER technologies and is the standard architecture provided by Microsoft for report creation and generation. The SRS reporting system is tightly integrated into the Dynamics GP reporting system. Dynamics GP comes with 256 out-of-the-box Reporting Services reports, all of which are modifiable or can be used as the basis for new reports.

By Tidestone Solutions - Your Business Process Catalyst

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