Sales Tax Jurisdictions and the Way They Divide Us

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Manual sales tax management processes are risky for a business because there are 100,000+ taxability rules that can be applied across 11,000+ taxing jurisdictions in the US alone.  There are also thousands of rule, rate, and jurisdiction changes annually, and staying on top of all the changes can be time consuing for your business.  Especially, if you are doing business in multiple states!  Additionally, what is taxable in one jurisdiction may not be taxable in another jurisdiction.  You may be asking yourself, what does this mean for my business?

If you are currently managing tax tables manually witin Microsoft Dynamics, we invite you to attend an educational webinar, Reading between the lines - Tax jurisdictions and the way they divide us, which is part of Avalara’s Sales Tax Management Thought Leadership Series to learn how manual sales tax management using a ZIP Code based system can put your business at risk for a negative audit.  During this webinar, Erin Wiggins, Avalara's in-house tax expert, will take you behind the scenes of what creates and sustains the elements of a tax jurisdiction, so you can be more educated on this complex topic and reduce your audit risk.

The webinar will cover:

  • The Truth About Tax Jurisdictions:  What They Are – And What They Are Not
  • Staying in the Know:  The Power of Resources
  • STJ Science:  The Language of Special Tax Jurisdictions

 Register now and see what it all means for you and how you can mitigate your risk:
Reading between the lines - Tax jurisdictions and the way they divide us
Thursday, November 15, 2012
10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

By Avalara, Sales Tax Compliance Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics.

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