Running SQL Reporting Services (SRS) Reports from Maintenance Windows in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta

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No matter what reporting tool your organization uses for its many applications, a fact of life is that we depend on data analysis and the insight it provides to make better business decisions.

To aid in this process, Microsoft has provided tighter integration between Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta and SQL Reporting Services (SRS).  Traditionally, running a report would require launching the report from the SRS Report Manager website and from there, depending on the report, filters such as a specific master record ID, account number, or date range may need to be defined before running and analyzing the data.  In Microsoft Dynamics 2013 Beta, Microsoft has integrated SRS reports directly with some master record maintenance windows, meaning that SRS reports can be run directly from the accounting system, automatically passing primary master record IDs as parameters.

For instance, I have created a basic “customer dashboard” type of report that I want to be able to run from within Microsoft Dynamics GP without having to navigate to the SRS Report Manager website, and without having to provide a customer ID each time.  Once the report is created in SRS, some basic setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP needs to take place.  Once the set-up is complete for my “customer dashboard” report, I can open the Customer Maintenance window, select the customer for which I want to see the report and then run the report.

You will notice that the system has a modified print icon with a drop down arrow.  Clicking on the drop down arrow provides me with a list of available reports, from which my “customer dashboard” can be selected.  A single report can also be defined as the “default” and will print automatically by just clicking the printer icon.

This will launch the report and provide the report the required parameter for customer selection.

This feature is available from the following master record maintenance windows in the system: account, customer, sales prospect, employee, item, checkbook, salesperson, vendor, and applicant.

This feature requires that the standard SRS reports have been deployed for the organization.

Keep in mind that this is still Beta software, but my hope is that this feature makes it into the production version once released.

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By The Resource Group - Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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