Nucleus Research Guidebook: Assessing Microsoft Dynamics for Small and Midsized Businesses

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Nucleus Research recently compiled a guidebook for small businesses looking for ways to leverage Microsoft Dynamics and changes in technology. The guidebook is instructive on SMBs as they eliminate manual processes, improve workforce productivity, and boost visibility using Microsoft Dynamics.

In their research, Nucleus concluded that most small businesses are looking for ways to improve visibility, integration, and cloud-delivery, as part of an ongoing strategy to remain relevant in the changing landscape of enterprise applications.

The guidebook, which can be found at the ERP Software Blog, is entitled Microsoft Dynamics Enterprise Applications for SMBs. The research points toward changes in Dynamics that reflect a broader change in industry, including:

-        Incorporating technology that improves analytics, communication, and collaboration

-        Making cloud support and delivery options available

-        Focusing on usability, role-specific views, intuitive interfaces, and mobile access

-        Making rapid implementation of custom solutions easier

Small businesses are now facing change as a result of:

-        The availability of cloud computing, making ERP software more flexible and cost effective for businesses that can't afford the upfront costs and maintenance costs of internal solutions

-        Technology becoming a consumer-product; user expectations have changed, and knowledgable workers expect the same intuitiveness and capabilities in the workplace as in their personal devices

-        Mobile access moving from “nice to have” to “must have”

-        Applications  moving away from processing transactions to improving productivity

The white paper elaborates on several real-world businesses as examples of best-practice and the state of the industry, such as:

-        A center for performing arts that was unable to manage its growth with QuickBooks but also unable to afford an intranet or on-site memory storage

-        An organization for the handicapped that boosted flexibility, productivity, security, auditability, and costs by successfully switching to the cloud.

-        A dental technology manufacturer that improved salespeople's productivity by introducing a custom mobile application, directly linked with data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

-        A tea company that switched to Dynamics in order to stay flexible as it underwent continuous growth.

-        An IT management company that improved global communications and billing with Dynamics

For an in depth guide, download Nucleus Research Guidebook:  Assessing Microsoft Dynamics for Small and Midsized Businesses.

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