Microsoft Win to Grow Business Challenge Contest Rules

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Have you heard about the new Win To Grow Business Challenge contest from Microsoft?  It is actually an extremely simple contest with a huge payoff. Microsoft wants you to create an original video (between 30 and 90 seconds) explaining how Microsoft Dynamics ERP could positively transform their business operations and increase their potential for future success. Three winners will receive $45,000 worth of free Microsoft Dynamics ERP software and implementation services.

I encourage you to read the full Win to Grow Business Challenge Contest Rules at under “contest rules”. But as an overview here are my abridged, non-legally binding highlights version of those rules to show you how easy it is:

  • You must be a legal resident of US or Canada (except Quebec) who is 18 years old or older.  (No idea why Quebec is singled out, sorry guys!)
  • You have to submit the entry on behalf of a business with 5,000 of less employees based in the USA or Canada (except Quebec)
  • Government employees are not eligible.
  • You can not be a Microsoft employee.  You, or anyone else in your family, can’t be involved in picking the winners of this content. And you can not be an existing Microsoft Dynamics ERP customer.
  • The video must be between :30 seconds and :90 seconds in length (no feature length films folks!)
  • Video format must be in flash video (.flv) or video taken by a webcam and cannot exceed 80MB in file size;
  • The video must include your name, title and name of business and a good explanation of how Microsoft Dynamics could positively transform your business operations and increase your potential for future success.
  • In addition your entry must be your own original work, not include trademarked materials, must not be obscene or indecent, hateful and can’t violate any laws.
  • You agree that the video will be shared and used and viewed online, so nothing private.
  • One entry per business allowed so make it good!
  • This Contest ends at 11:59:59 PM PT on February 15, 2013.

As I said, this is just my overview of the most important parts, but anyone who enters this contest should read the FULL contest rules.

Enter the Win To Grow Business Challenge contest today! Watch for my next blog post which will outline my hints on how to win this contest.

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