Lotus F1 Runs Dynamics and Marussia F1 Runs Sage – Who Wins?

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In Abu Dhabi this past Sunday it was Lotus F1.  Congratulations to Kimi Räikkönen and Lotus F1 for winning their 1st race this season.  With that being said, if a sports team uses Microsoft Dynamics, will that increase their chance of winning? At Convergence 2010 I heard that 23 of 32 NFL teams are Dynamics customers. In a previous post we called attention to that fact that the Lotus Formula 1 Racing Team Uses Microsoft Dynamics AX.  And in a particularly amusing post by Jason Carter at PartnerCompete.com he compares the winning scores of Lotus F1 versus another team powered by Sage. Here is the post reprinted with his permission:

Alright Sage, we’ll see your Marussia, and raise you a Lotus

In the US market Dynamics has a remarkable presence among professional sports franchises. Take the NFL alone….the Dallas Cowboys, the Green Bay Packers, the New Orleans Saints, and so on. This is true on a global scale as well, and anyone at Convergence last year would have noticed the Lotus Formula 1 car on the expo floor. Lotus runs on Dynamics. As it turns out Sage powers another F1 team.

We’d be quite curious to hear from partners around the globe about Dynamics running other big name clubs. Anyone in the Premier League? We’re not suggesting that Dynamics is the primary reason for success on the field/court/track, but more than one recent SuperBowl winner was a Dynamics customer. And in the case of the Lotus F1 team, you’d be surprised at how directly Dynamics (AX in this case) plays into their success on the track.

What does Sage have to do with this? A recent story notes that the Marussia F1 team runs its business on Sage ERP X3. That’s a nice story for Sage.

And we ask the following question only in jest, but if Dynamics AX is contributing to the Team Lotus success, would we also assume that ERP X3 is contributing likewise to Team Marussia? A quick web search, and here’s the current F1 team standings…

Interestingly, if you check the final standings for the last couple of years, Lotus was near the bottom. Is there rise in the standings connected to their implementation of Dynamics and the way it empowers their business?

Source: Formula1.com

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