Feeding America Harnesses Food Distribution Software to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

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In the days prior to Hurricane Sandy the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization Feeding America was already preparing to provide food, water and other supplies to those in the storms path. Thousands of pounds of supplies were positioned near the anticipated disaster zone to ensure that those affected had immediate access to food and water.

Feeding America and their Food Bank network operate high-volume and sophisticated food distribution centers driven by investment in technology including food distribution software from eSoftware Professionals. It gives them real-time visibility to what they have in inventory in each warehouse, what is in route and what is still needed to help the victims of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy in addition to critical distributions to food pantries, emergency shelters and soup kitchens in the affected communities.

“It is our responsibility to ensure preparedness for disaster response and relief, so that we can move food to affected areas as quickly as possible -- and stay as long as our help is needed,” said Matt Knott, interim president and CEO of Feeding America. “We are there to offer support long after these disasters disappear from the headlines.” “Through a network of more than 200 food banks and 61,000 food pantries, emergency shelters and soup kitchens, Feeding America is able to reach into disaster affected communities with basic needs supplies including food, water and cleaning products…”

eSoftware Professionals has worked with Feeding America for over ten years and is proud to power over 100 of their food banks across the nation with the software to keep the food moving to those in need.

Want to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy? Donate to Feeding America today. You can also stay up to date on the latest news via Feeding America’s Facebook page and learn more about the food distribution software powering Feeding America’s Food Bank Network.

By eSoftware Professionals, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner Oregon

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