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The upcoming election is turning out to possibly be one of the closest presidential contests in recent history. Every day new polls are released that show the lead switching back and forth between the candidates.

I decided to do my own informal poll.  No, not for the election, enough said (and heard) about that.

My question was on choosing an ERP package – specifically:

How to do you compare Dynamics GP2013 versus NetSuite?

Here is a random sample of comments received from business owners and executives:

“the home page business analyzer metrics in GP2013 provide me clear insight to my business intelligence - at a level specific to my role within the organization”

“on premise and/or web client – I love the choice of deployment methods provided by Dynamics GP2013 versus the obligation of the NetSuite cloud model”

“the web client  provides me easy accessibility to key business metrics - from my  tablet!"

“limited user – finally an easy and inexpensive way to grant read only access to executive users”

“the simplified pricing model of GP2013 provides affordable pricing for my start up business”

“ Dynamics GP2013 is a game changer – it’s got my vote!”

I’m Barry Knaster (the Knaster Technology Group) and I approve this blog

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