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Want to avoid slow software updates? With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can speed up installations with Dynamics GP chunk files.

When updating Microsoft GP software with a service pack or a new feature, there's a neat trick that lets you avoid having to manually re-install all those third-party apps. This short-cut hinges on using on what is called a Chunk file. You may have seen file names with a .cnk suffix in your GP directory. They are one and the same.

Chunk or .cnk files have been a long standing part of Dynamics GP. They are self-installing files that contain forms, tables, fields, reports, and other custom code. It's all the information MS Dynamics GP needs to add a new third-party component such as, say, Mekorma MICR, or FastPath Single Sign-on.

If you have to re-install a service pack or add or remove features, you can save a lot of time by having these .cnk files available. That is, you should save them after the original install of the component by copying them from the GP directory.

Then when it comes time to do an update to Microsoft GP, you copy them back into the GP directory. Restart GP (as “sa”) and the apps should re-install, along with whatever GP modifications you've made.

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