"25 Brilliant Ideas" White Paper Includes 2 Solutions for Project Accounting and Government Compliance

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When we at Synergy Business Solutions were asked to contribute to the new ERP Software Blog white paper, 25 Brilliant Ideas to Outsmart Your Competition with Microsoft Dynamics ERP, we said we could probably come up with more ideas just for Dynamics SL. Well, with other Dynamics partners contributing, we settled on two major ideas for which we have specific expertise and that empower our most common clients: government contractors and other project-based companies, business sectors for which Microsoft Dynamics SL is specifically designed.

Brilliant Idea #3 - Plan for No-stress Government Audits - The way to eliminate the stress of audits or accounting system reviews by government regulators, is for government contractors to work with a software/technology partner who understands the rigid regulations and can help them implement and use Microsoft Dynamics SL to do what's required. This includes segregating and detailing cost information--direct, indirect, and unallowable--associated with every item billed to the government. Download the white paper to learn more how one government contractor de-stresses with Synergy and Dynamics SL.

Brilliant Idea #18 - Engineer Your Project Accounting for Success - When an engineering-firm client had difficulty measuring which of their projects and segments were most profitable, they had Synergy implement Dynamics SL. By connecting their financials, projects, and materials management, they quickly improved job-by-job cash flow and profitability. It's easier for them to make adjustments at the appropriate level and stay within budget, as well as get the reports executives need to measure performance. Download the white paper to learn how they improved month-end closings, payroll, and bidding.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a West Coast Dynamics SL partner.

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