16 Reasons Why Customers Are Moving to Management Reporter

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Are you looking for better reporting from your ERP? We’ve got a great solution! With Microsoft Dynamics ERP, there’s a new real-time reporting application called Management Reporter (MR). The tool replaces FRx and offers a new modern interface and greater flexbility. We’ve seen a huge interest in the new tool through our sold-out Management Reporter training classes we’ve offered over the past several months and many of our customers have opted to make the move to Management Reporter from FRx. Based on the feedback, we wanted to share with you the top reasons why our customers are making the move:

1. Microsoft has stated that users cannot buy FRx additional licenses.  This is an indication that FRx is history.  Many clients must be thinking “it must be better”- and it is.

2. Management Reporter allows for “undo” when you make a mistake editing a row, column, or tree.  FRx did not allow for correcting errors as easily.

3. MR facilitates organizing rows, columns, and trees into folders so that regularly run reports can be grouped together vs. inactive reports, balance sheet formats together, or groups by individual or department.  Users like not having to sort through a long list of inactive reports where only the person setting up the catalog names knows which reports to run and which to ignore.

4. MR uses SQL Server for its data.  This eliminates the possibility of having the IT group ignore the Access database that FRx stores its report building blocks.

5. MR is much easier to support since it is much more current technology.  The software feels and looks like an up-to-date .net based program rather than a dated Access-based program and user interface.

6. MR publishes reports to SharePoint in a seamless manner and with less effort once MR is configured.

7. The dimension reporting flexibility is appealing to users. No longer do you need to make sure the whole account string is accounted for. Instead you have more flexibility with the dimensions from the chart of accounts.  See picture below.

Note the added dimension field in the tree when comparing MR to FRx. Note also the undo button in this tree compared to the tree below in FRx
The FRx User Interface looks older and less polished in addition to being harder to support and maintain.

8. As you can see above in comparing the two tools MR allows you to use intuitive Windows toolbars that contain the familiar icons from Microsoft applications.

9. Save time and eliminate confusion by evaluating which building blocks are associated with each report definition.

10. Maintain and secure Row, Column, Tree, and Report definitions into folders by type, function, category, or user.

11. Generate, view, and secure reports in a centralized storage facility organized with folders.

12. Tailor your workspace with the ability to hide columns in the Row, Column, and Tree definitions.

13. Group daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports to generate consecutively.

14. View the status of a queued report and the generation history of reports.

15. Insert graphics such as your firm logo.

16. Stress key numbers such as having negative numbers turn red.

Interested in learning more about Management Reporter and what it can do for your organization? Contact Boyer & Associates or attend our upcoming Management Reporter training class on February 20 and 21, 2013 at our office located in the Minneapolis area.

Jack Boyer, Boyer & Associates, Minneapolis, MN, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and AX Partner

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