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Everyone has data, but does that data really give you insight? With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can gain the types of business intelligence all organizations want—the kind that helps you to make smarter decisions and increase your efficiency, in real time.

When they choose Dynamics GP, small and midsize businesses gain access to the type of insight that once was available only to Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft Dynamics GP includes more than 220 built-in, customizable reports (not to mention the infinite possibilities that become available to you when you use Management Reporter). These out of the box reports can help you identify trends and risks proactively, so that you’ll understand your fiscal target goals and what it will take to reach them before it’s too late.   With its real time reporting capabilities and truly relational databases, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you the information behind the data.   Here are just a few real world examples of the type of information you can draw from Dynamics GP.


  • Invoice analysis—Discover the profit margins associated with individual products
  • Pricing analysis—Use sales data from the previous year to determine if products are priced competitively
  • Inventory analysis—Find out how quickly stock is turning over


Now, having read this far, I realize you may be saying to yourself, “this sounds great, but how difficult is it to actually create and use these reports?”  Not to worry, Dynamics GP makes this easy.  Its reports are all designed to work with the familiar Microsoft Office interface. It is a known fact that when people are dealing with applications they already know, such as Word and Excel, they are more willing to incorporate new Microsoft technology into their everyday workflow and practices. It is this ease of use that drives adoption and ultimately provides improved efficiency and productivity.


Information can only help if it’s easily accessible, timely and relevant to your current circumstances.   So, if your organization needs more effective business intelligence, now is a great time to make the move to Dynamics GP.  Contact us today to learn more or get started, or get a quick, personalized, online quote for Microsoft Dynamics GP! !


By: Mitch Jacobs, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Reseller.



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