US Army to Tackle Budget With ERP Software Changes

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If there's only one sign that your business is starting to fall behind the times, it's that the US government is adapting an efficiency method before you are.

In order to deal with budgetary challenges, the Army is implementing an ERP solution powered by a company called Accenture. The General Fund Enterprise Business System is one of the biggest ERP systems in the entire world.

In an effort to better track resources and develop cost saving strategies, the Army replaced 107 legacy systems, and combined them together with 50 other systems, in order to transform the military branch's resource system into one unified whole. The move required the help of various ERP giants including SAP, Preferred Systems Solutions, B2B Workforce, VersaPro Group, ViaNova, and Optimal Solutions.

Budget cuts as a result of the unstable economy have forced the military to find ways to cut down on costs. Joanne Veto from Accenture's relations department said many of their federal clients are currently “asked to do 'more with less' and sometimes 'less with less.'” She added that this also creates an opportunity for them to streamline their strategies and face economic and global challenges in a more innovative way.

The company bases its planning on 5 principles:

  1.       Rationalize
  2.       Consolidate
  3.       Automate
  4.       Simplify
  5.       Source

So far the move is proving to be a successful way to “cut out the fat” without reducing the effectiveness of the US military. The budget cuts are expected to be triggered early next year, and so far the project is on track to meet the majority of those needs.

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