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Recently at our annual Customer Symposium, we had a preview of the upcoming GP 2013 release due in December.  What was fun was to observe all the end users as they heard about the upcoming new features and got to see them in action in a live demo on the big screen?  It was clear, by the nodding of heads and the excited chatter, that they welcomed what they saw.   As with any new release of a product, the hope is that this will resolve pain points from the current version and simplify the way you work.  Here are just a few of the exciting new features of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Sub-Ledger Reconciliation

Balance ledgers with ease. The sub-ledger reconciliation tool in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 automatically identifies discrepancies between your general ledger and sub-ledgers, eliminating time-intensive, manual inventory and bank reconciliation processes.

Expedited Shipping

Shorten shipping times so your products reach customers faster. Drop-ship serialized items directly from your suppliers to customers.

Asset Tracking

Track your assets in the way that works for you. Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 lets you track and report fixed assets based on your fiscal or calendar year, eliminating one more hassle from the process of creating financial statements and tax filings.

Improved Purchasing

Boost purchasing productivity and accuracy. Set specific percentage tolerances that simplify your purchasing process, allowing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to enter quantity overages and automatically close purchase orders left open due to quantity shortages.

Fixed Asset Historical Depreciation Report

Assess your assets accurately. With the new Fixed Assets Historical Depreciation Report, you get visibility into historical fixed asset depreciation values, simplifying month-end and year-end closing routines.

Inventory Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you a sharper view into your inventory by assigning unique reasons codes that allow you to monitor and track items as they move through your supply chain.

Want to learn more about Dynamics GP and how it can simplify the way you work? Contact Stoneridge Software for more information.

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