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No Need to be Afraid…How to Overcome your Posting Terrors in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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Posting transactions in Dynamics NAV without visually seeing the general ledger accounts or dimensions that will be used does not have to be a paranormal activity. We are all a little frightened of things in the dark, possibly lurking to get us, and because a journal entry can be made sight-unseen in NAV this is understandable. 

But do not be afraid, just because you cannot see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, or as it relates to this blog, didn’t post correctly.

We all know that in NAV journal entries from journal pages and entry pages are controlled by Posting Groups. There is Business Posting Groups that tell the system who you sold to or who you bought from and Product Posting Groups for what you bought or sold. These are also followed up by Inventory, Bank, Fixed Asset, Job, and Resource Posting Groups.  It is often a haunting task to know why an entry was created, especially as it relates to inventory.

 But fear not, there are ways to overcome your posting terrors.

 The first line of defense is to mark all your gl accounts, as “Reconciliation Accounts” on the G/L card. This tells the system that when posting from a journal page to display the list of accounts and amounts that will be used to create the journal entry, in the pre-posting Test Report.



This is the closest thing you can get to a true G/L Distribution report and is especially beneficial when bank accounts are used.

 The next best thing to do is familiarize yourself with how NAV decides what account to use for posting if you are on a Sales Order or Purchase Order entry page. By knowing what posting group is populated on a customer, vendor, or item and where the system looks for the corresponding G/L account can make all the difference. To ease your worries I have created this simple flowchart that explains what might be under the proverbial transaction bed. NAV Posting Group Flowchart (click to download)

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By Krystal Heffley, Implementation Consultant, InterDyn BMI


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