Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Pricing And Costs

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Over the years, Dynamics GP has had multiple pricing models. Many years ago, Dynamics GP was priced using a modular approach with Module Based Licensing (MBL). In this model, you selected each module you wanted to license, and customers selected either Professional or Standard editions; the primary difference was in which modules could be added. This model was replaced by Business Ready Licensing (BRL) in 2006. This model provided a combination of a bundled approach and à la carte modules. For those customers who purchased Dynamics GP since the fall of 2006, and those who transitioned to it, you have enjoyed multiple modules for one price per user.
Microsoft is now releasing a pricing model called Perpetual Licensing, which fits the new architecture of Dynamics GP 2013 more closely. It also provides some long-requested types of pricing. Lastly, it simplifies the pricing dramatically.

How much will Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 cost?
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is scheduled to be released in December 2012.  The new release will also include a new pricing model called Perpetual Licensing.  Instead of Business Essentials and Advanced Management Editions – clients will be offered a Starter Pack and an Extended Pack. The new Dynamics GP 2013 Pricing will be:

Starter Pack: $5,000 for THREE concurrent users (required)
Additional Full Users: $3,000 each
Additional Limited Users: $600 each

Optional (prices below are one time fee, covers all users)
Extended Pack: $10,000
Customization Pack: $6,000
SmartList Builder: $2,000
Extended Human Resources & Payroll:$7,000
Collections Management: $3,500

Perpetual Licensing is broken into what are called packs. There is a required starter pack and an extended pack, in addition to a customization pack. There also are a few à la carte modules. Here is a breakdown of the packs and what they include:



Starter Pack

Includes three licenses & these areas of functionality:

  •      Financial Management
  •      Human Resource Management
  •      HR Management Self-Service Suite
  •      Supply Chain Management
  •      Workspace Collaboration
  •      Configuration and Development
  •      Business Intelligence & Reporting

Extended Pack

Functionality included:

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting (Unlimited Forecaster)
  • Supply Chain Management (additional modules)
  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (not Dynamics CRM)

Customization Pack

Functionality included:

  • Integration Suite
  • Customization Suite

Extended HR and Payroll

Functionality included:

  • Advanced HR and Payroll
  • PTO Manager
  • Benefits Self-Service

SmartList Builder Pack

Functionality included:

  • SmartList Builder
  • Excel Report Builder
  • Drill Down Builder
  • Navigation List Builder

Another big change to licensing is for the users. There are now two types of user licenses: full user and limited user. A full user provides full read and write capabilities to all functionality no matter how the user accesses it. A limited user provides read and limited write capabilities. For example, a user logging into the traditional Windows client would only have read access, but a limited user could have write access when using modules such as time and expense entry.

Transitioning to Perpetual Licensing for Existing Customers
You might have found this information interesting but asked yourself, “What’s this have to do with my company?” To upgrade to Dynamics GP 2013, you will be required to be on the Perpetual Pricing model. There are some key benefits for existing customers of Dynamics GP:

Licenses Acquired Prior to October 1, 2012
Dynamics GP 2013 customers who purchased Dynamics GP prior to October 1, 2012 will receive one full user license for each concurrent user license already owned; customers with one or two concurrent user licenses will get three full user licenses because the Starter Pack includes three users.
For each named light user or employee self-service user license, you will get one concurrent limited user license. Thus, light users become limited users. In addition, the users get more functionality than they have today. For functionality, you will get whatever packs include the functionality you have today. Here are some examples:

What You Have Today

What You Get Under Perpetual Licensing

Any modules on the Standard or Professional versions (MBL Model) Starter Pack + Extended Pack
Business Essentials, Payroll, HR and 10 Users Starter Pack, 7 Additional Full Users
Advanced Management, Payroll, HR, PTO Manager, SmartList Builder, 2 Users Starter Pack, Extended Pack, Extended HR/Payroll Pack, SmartList Builder Pack
Business Essentials, Integration Suite, 5 Users Starter Pack, Customization Pack, Additional 2 Full Users
Advanced Management, Payroll, PTO Manager, Integration Suite, Forecaster Users (10), Manufacturing Suite, 20 users Starter Pack, Extended Pack, Customization Pack, Extended HR/Payroll Pack, Additional 13 Full Users

What will be included in the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack and Extended Pack?
Customers who purchase Dynamics GP after October 1, 2012 but before the release in December 2012 will get an investment credit towards the price of the software using the Perpetual Pricing model. So, if the retail value of Dynamics GP when purchased is $25,000 and the retail value is $30,000 under the Perpetual Pricing model, the customer will pay the $5,000 difference when upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013.

Starter Pack Includes:

Financial Management
General Ledger with AFA
Account Level Security
Cash Flow Management
Fixed Asset Management
National Accounts
Multicurrency Management
Analytical Accounting
Revenue/Expense Deferrals
Bank Reconciliation
Electronic Banking Suite
Safe Pay
Cashbook Bank Management
Electronic Bank Management
Electronic Reconciliation Management
Payables Management
Receivables Management
Customer/Vendor Consolidations
Lockbox Processing
Refund Checks
Grant Management
Encumbrance Management
Field Level Security
Process Server
Multiple Language Pricing
Business Intelligence & Reporting
Unlimited Mgmt Reporter Designer User
Unlimited Mgmt Reporter Viewer User
Analysis Cubes Library
Advanced Analysis Cubes Library
Human Resource Management
Human Resources Unlimited Employees
Payroll (US) Unlimited Employees
Payroll (Canada) Unlimited Employees
Payroll Direct Deposit
Federal Magnetic Media
Payroll Connect
Position Control
Human Resource Management
HRM Self Service Suite
Supply Chain Management
Sales Order Processing w/ Adv Invoicing
Extended Pricing
Order Management
Inventory Control
Bill of Materials
Purchase Order Processing/Receivings
Landed Cost
PO Generator
Requisition Management
Time and Expense
Workspace Collaboration
Unlimited Business Portal
Employee Self Service User
Configuration and Development
Modifier with Visual Basic for Applications
Customization Site License
Integration Manager – Conversions
Connector for Microsoft Dynamics
**NOTE: Italic items were previously available only on Advanced Management

Extended Pack Includes:

Business Intelligence & Reporting
Microsoft Forecaster Unlimited
Supply Chain Management
Distribution Suite
Available to Promise
Returns Management
Manufacturing Solutions
Manufacturing Bill of Materials
Manufacturing Order Processing
Manufacturing Suite
Master Production Scheduling
Materials Requirements Planning
Project Management
Project Accounting
Customer Relationship Management
Contract Administration
Service Call Management
Depot Management
Preventive Maintenance

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  1. I am doing a research project for a class (Enterprise Systems ffor Management), and cannot find ANYWHERE what the differences are between Dynamics GP,AX,CRM,NAV, and SL. They all seem to provide the same modules. Can anyone steer me towards a site that will show the differences? Thanks

  2. how to update cost price in item maintenance for existing item.

    i forget to add cost price while creating item. now cost price column is hidden

  3. Anton Stoffaneller

    Cannot find detailed information about Multiple Language Pricing. Please can you explain which languages are available and if it's possible to install different languages on workstations?

  4. Pls does Microsoft charge an annual enhancement fee on dynamics GP? I'm getting a charge by the service provider for enhancement fee which is 16% of the original license fee. This is being charged annually?

  5. George - I've read a couple of your blogs. Good stuff. QuickBooks definitely has some limitations, but made an inroad with their Enterprise 2012 package, when combined with the Advanced Inventory module. The key new functionality is multiple inventory locations. With Microsoft Dynamics GP, is multiple location inventory available? If so, is it in the Starter Package, the Extended Package, or is another bolt on required?

  6. Does Microsoft have a Microsoft Dynamics GP developer licensing option? If so what is it called or can this be added to a MSDN or EA (enterprise Agreement)? This would be used specifially for development and testing.

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