Improved Print Controls in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta

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For many years, Microsoft Dynamics GP has leveraged a print process bypassing the standard print dialogue window that we have become accustomed to in so many other programs.  The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software program would leverage the use of any machine’s “default” printer for reports.

 While most of the time this wasn’t an issue, it was the cause of many headaches for users where the use of a specific printer was needed, say for instance, printing accounts payable or payroll checks to a specific printer with check stock loaded.

 The scenario is always the same, work all day to prepare the necessary batches for printing, think you have everything all set, click print, and now you’re printing to your “default” printer and not the printer loaded with your check stock, all because you forgot to change the printer.  Off to the shredder you go!

 Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2013 Beta utilizes the print window that we all love.  No more going to File > Print Setup, changing the printer and hoping it sticks before printing.  Users are now prompted with the standard print dialogue window where a printer can be selected at runtime.

 Here is the new feature as demonstrated from the Edit Check Batch window.  I’ve selected the vendor and associated invoices that I want to cut checks for and click the Print Check button.  I’m prompted with the normal “Print Payables Checks” window, click the Print button, and on the Report Destination window select Printer and OK.  And the magic happens!  I’m now prompted with the Print window I love to see!  I can change my printer from my default to my actual check printer!

Keep in mind that this is still a Beta version, but my hope is that this feature makes it into the production version once released.

 For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Beta, please contact a partner such as The Resource Group.

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