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If You Can’t Compete, ERP Software May Be Your Answer

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Earlier this month, we had you take a 10 question quiz to see whether you needed a new ERP Solution. But many of our clients still ask us, “What is one ‘sure-fire’ signal that we need to upgrade or implement new ERP Software?” The questions in the quiz touch on various points, but it really boils down to a one sentence answer: If you feel you can’t keep up or compete, then ERP Software may be your answer.

In order to expand on this, let’s take a look at what you’re missing without ERP Software:

  • Business Intelligence: No matter what business you’re in, you need a strategy. If you don’t have insight into various departments, then you’re limited to what you can do. You can’t see possible issues to help you make things better and you can’t predict or forecast how to make more money next week, month, or year.


  • Competitive Analysis: There are a number of reasons you need to make comparisons with your competitors. You can learn from what they’re doing right or wrong. You can use their model to set goals to improve your market share. And you can strategize on how to compete effectively to ultimately stay in business.


So if you’re feeling like you just can’t compete or don’t even know where you’re at in comparison with the other guys, then it’s time. If you have any questions, Rimrock Corporation would be happy to answer them. Feel free to contact us and take the first step to attaining that competitive advantage. It’s not as far away as you think.


By Rimrock Corporation (, Toronto Microsoft ERP Partner

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