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How IT and Accounting Can Analyze, Strategize, and Modernize with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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CFOs and other finance executives must work closely with your IT group to control costs and make sure your organization stays current on the latest business technology.  A particular challenge in creating the IT budget centers around the results they always promise to deliver:  reduced costs and higher productivity.  The key to successful new business technologies may be in your evaluation of past technology projects.

 Evaluating Internal Processes

It’s time for a different approach to acquiring technology.  By reviewing the internal business processes that support your organization, you can better articulate what specific technology is required (and what is not needed).  It’s crucial to look at the results that your organization (and customers) needs, and then ascertain what processes will achieve those results.

 Keep it Simple

We have found the best way to establish effective internal business processes is to bring all the key people in your organization into a room and hammer out the details.  You should also get input from other staff members who will be executing the processes to smooth out any of the rough edges.  This is a great opportunity to step back and create impactful business processes that everyone agrees on and supports.

 Choosing the Technology

Now that your processes are in place, it’s time to look at how to put them into action.  Evaluate different accounting systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP to find the one that helps manage your employees more efficiently and provides the business metrics that let you make smart business decisions.  And make sure the technology you choose aligns with the processes you have already established.  This is the only way to achieve your strategic goals.

 BroadPoint has many years of experience in helping organizations articulate their strategic goals, and establish their business processes, and then align the right technology to meet those goals.  Contact me today at or (301) 634-2478 to learn more about how BroadPoint, the mid-Atlantic’s largest Microsoft Dynamics partner, can help your organization, too.


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