Ever Wish You Could Find Data in Microsoft Dynamics GP With What You Know? Now You Can.

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Click here for helpful tool #1 by Rockton Software, Auditor.

The 2nd Rockton Product that I find very useful is SmartFill. I highly recommend this tool for everyone; it is a necessity for Microsoft Dynamics GP. It makes searching in Dynamics GP so much easier. It is essential for those who have customers, vendors, items, etc. where the ID may not be related to actual name. SmartFill will allow you to do a quick and easy search to find the record you are looking for by allowing you to type in what you know. Watch a SmartFill Demo by heading to the Rockton Software homepage www.rocktonsoftware.com.

Stay tuned for useful tool #3 by Rockton Software!

Written by Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV.

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