Disaster Recovery: 7 Ways to Keep Your Business Alive in the Zombie Apocalypse

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From fires to floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, equipment outages, or break-ins, disasters can bring businesses to their knees at any moment. No business leader wants to admit his or her business is at risk for catastrophe, and truthfully, major disasters are rare enough to lull most of these leaders into a false sense of security. Ask any business leader who has had to endure hurricane season, however, and the threat of catastrophe becomes real. According to research conducted by the University of Texas, 94% of businesses close their doors following a disaster. More than half of these never reopen.

 Implementing disaster recovery precautions and having a business continuity plan in place are the best precautions you can take to keep your business humming along in the midst of catastrophe. Whether you're worried about tornadoes, floods, or even the Zombie Apocalypse, Myappsanywhere's  cloud computing platform can help you take the first steps in planning for disaster recovery and business continuity.

 In the meantime, here's a little advice from our expert engineers on what your business technology needs to survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Remember that awareness is the key to survival! Please share their advice with your colleagues.

 Looking for a more comprehensive business continuity plan? You can begin to build your plan with our easy road map.

































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