Adjustable, Scalable, and Practical: NAV-X Has Every Distribution Component You’ll Ever Need

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A startup distributor was struggling with outdated systems that couldn’t handle their vision of growth. It also provided little to no insight into data which messed up shipping processes, of which they had 20-30,000 SKUs to track. They also couldn’t see any history on their customer base, making it very difficult to effectively service their clients and complicating commissions management for their sales staff.

The IT manager of this company had previous experience with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and soon found NAV-X, a wide ranged ISV bundle specific for the needs of distributors.  This distributor was growing exponentially as a startup company so they needed a rapid implementation and an end-to-end solution that could scale with their growing customer demands. Because this company had Microsoft Dynamics NAV experience, they were able to pretty much implement NAV-X on their own.

NAV-X was their answer and now they’re on their way with huge time savings from automated shipping processes and advanced insight:

  • Automated Shipping Saves Time and Money: Instead of entering every invoice into Microsoft Excel, things are automatically processed through NAV-X. This automation creates a boatload of efficiencies, reducing errors where manual entry was the culprit, saving time that users took to manually enter details (not to mention double and triple checking their work), and ultimately decreasing the costs in resources to manage and maintain a proficient shipping department.
  • Advanced Insight Allows for Growth: Even in this somewhat dire economy, this organization is experiencing high growth, doubling the size of their warehouse in a very short time. The insight they now have access to through NAV-X helps them plan for this growth and strategically compete with other distributors. They know what’s making them the most money and what’s costing them too much in order to make profitable business decisions.

 Since NAV-X comes packaged in a bundle of ISV solutions, the client has everything they need now and 5-10 years from now. For example, in phase 1 of their implementation they’re leveraging automated shipping right out of the gate, but it will be a while before they need to implement Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This phased approach doesn’t diminish the effectiveness in NAV-X; rather it helps users optimize its use specific to their distribution management needs.

If organizations went to one-off vendors for the particular functions they need now, 5 years down the road they’re likely to add more third party solutions, accruing more and more costs. The end result is cost prohibitive and forces the end user to deal with multiple vendors. With NAV-X, you have everything you need and you only have to deal with one vendor.

Whether you’re experiencing rapid growth or on an even keel, you need a solution that will adjust and scale to your needs. If you’re interested in learning more about NAV-X for Distribution, watch this 15 minute demo or contact us for more information:

By Sheldon Kralstein of NAV-X, LLC, Advanced Distribution Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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