10 Question Quiz to See if You Need a New ERP Solution

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Once upon a time, your company was smaller, you didn’t have that many employees, and a basic ERP or accounting system got you by without much hassle. In short, it was “good enough”. But today, your company has changed. You most likely have more customers, more inventory and orders to handle, more complex processes that need automation, more compliance requirements and definitely more competition in the market.

According to Mint Jutras 2011 ERP Solution Study, 38% of respondents said they changed ERP systems due to lack of functionality, outdated technology and/or the inability to scale. Those are three very important reasons, but how do you identify the signs within your day-to-day operations telling you “It’s Time!!”?

Start out by asking yourself these ten questions and if the answer is yes to 5 or more, then it’s time to consider a new ERP solution:

  1. Does your system lock-up or suffer from low performance?
  2. Is slow report processing or lack of reporting preventing your company from making timely decisions?
  3. Is the productivity of your employees inhibited by your current systems?
  4. Is key information unavailable throughout your company?
  5. Does lack of flexibility interfere with your company’s ability to keep up with new or more complex business processes?
  6. Can you use your system to automate job costing, sales orders, industry-specific requirements and supply chain management?
  7. Are employees, partners, and vendors unable to access company data over the Web and via mobile devices?
  8. Are industry-specific requirements beyond the ability of your current system?
  9. Does your company rely on manual processes and spreadsheets?
  10. Do you struggle to meet compliance requirements (such as IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley)? Are you paying too much for manual reporting and auditors?

Overhauling your ERP is scary. Even if you know you need to upgrade, the amount of downtime and work that lies ahead can stop you in your tracks. By entrusting an experienced partner to help you through the implementation process, you’re much more likely to succeed while staying on time and on budget. Contact us here at Rimrock for more information on how we can help you succeed.

By Rimrock Corporation, a Microsoft ERP Partner out of Toronto

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