Why You Should Choose an ERP System That Helps You Get Information Out Not In

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Oftentimes, as companies go through the process of choosing an ERP system, many of the requirements are focused on entering information into the system.  Users and decision makers want to see various screens and input forms. Every department wants to know how they will enter data.  The questions are focused on changing screen layouts and hiding fields.

Now I am not here to dispute this issue as important when choosing an ERP system. Clearly, users of ERP systems will spend time entering data. However, the reality is that many mainstream ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics GP all allow you to easily enter information , focus on reporting, metrics, and dashboards.

If you want to see a webinar focused on the reporting capabilities of Dynamics GP click here.and configure screen layouts. The important part is being able to use this data to gather information to aid in decision making.  So when you are looking for the best ERP solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP allows you to find metrics right on the home page and drilldown to the details in Dynamics GP.  For example, you can go all the way from a metric measuring Accounts Receivable balances to the detailed transaction in GP.

GP Smart Lists and Analysis Services are other great tools that allows users to gather detailed information from Dynamics GP without needing IT support.

So if you are choosing an ERP system and you want to see Microsoft Dynamics GP in action click here to register for a Microsoft Dynamics GP Reporting Webinar delivered by Logan Consulting.

by Logan Consulting a Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and Reseller

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