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Tom Myers, Infinia Business Technology

Time is Money! An Investment in Infinia Integrator Pays for Itself in Time Alone

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With the advancements in technology today, everyone is trying to do more with less. They want to make the most of their time to improve productivity and in turn, profitability. We hear this from our clients all the time because most of them are sick and tired of manual data entry, and who wouldn’t be? It might not be such a head-ache if you have 5-10 items to hand-key, but when you have hundreds of invoices on a weekly basis…we’re talking migraine!

This was the case for one of our clients: As an insurance brokerage firm, they use outside billing systems, so all accounts receivable invoices are generated outside of their Microsoft Dynamics® GP solution. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps them track Accounts Receivable (AR) aging and apply cash receipts so that information flows through to the General Ledger, but getting the invoice information into Microsoft Dynamics GP was not so simple. They had someone on staff hand-keying the data every day in order to keep up.

Infinia Integrator soon came to their rescue and now this firm simply exports data from the different billing systems into Excel and copy, pastes, imports into Microsoft Dynamics GP. What once took one full headcount all day long to keep up, now takes a matter of minutes.

Here’s a look at the AR screen in Infinia Integrator:

Our client sums it up best, “Our company used to hand-key hundreds of invoices from outside billing systems, now we can simply copy and paste. If you can use Excel, (and who doesn’t love Excel?) you can use Infinia. The investment has paid for itself in saved time alone!”

If you feel your time is money, then visit our booth at the GPUG Summit in October to learn more about Infinia Integrator for Microsoft Dynamics GP or contact us for a free trial: or 260-485-0665 x 113.

By Tom Myers of Infinia Integrator, an Excel Integrator Solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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