Telecommunications Engineering Firm Improves Project Accounting, Cash Flow, and Data Access

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“We would not be as successful today without Microsoft Dynamics SL and Synergy. Their integrated solution vastly improved our job costing, invoicing process, cash flow, and exchange of real-time data.” - E. Robin Smyth, President, Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates

Gillespie, Prudhon & Associates (GP&A), based in the Portland suburb of Clackamas, Oregon, is a telecommunications engineering firm specializing in the design and implementation of fiber optic and microwave transmission networks, mobile radio systems, and other wireless technologies. 

project accounting dynamics sl case study
They were burdened with accounting systems that were not fully integrated and required manual work in order to provide clients with a complete accounting of their complex engineering projects. As a result, job cost tracking was difficult, invoices were delayed, and data clients requested was hard to obtain. For example, clients needed four levels of accounting detail: the project number, the location of the work, the type of equipment being used, and the activity performed.Synergy Business Solutions helped GP&A adopt Microsoft Dynamics SL, including its robust series of modules for project accounting, and Business Portal. Invoices now are sent earlier, GP&A can track and analyze project performance much more quickly and effectively, and project managers can easily obtain the four levels of comprehensive accounting information their clients need, and even allow them to view the data in the system through a web browser.

Customer Profile

GP&A, located in Clackamas, Oregon, is an electrical engineering company specializing in the design and implementation of telecommunication transmission networks.

Business Situation

GP&A had a non-integrated accounting system that precluded them from effective and detailed project accounting and analysis, getting timely invoices out, and providing clients with accurate project data.


Following a needs analysis, Synergy Business Solutions implemented Microsoft Dynamics SL—both its project accounting and financial management modules—and Business Portal. Accounting personnel and project managers can work online in the system and see daily time reporting and project financial status as soon as charges are posted.


  • 20 day improvement in issuing invoices
  • Increased cash flow
  • More accounting detail
  • Better project information for clients
  • Faster response time for client requests—minutes rather than hours
  • Improved decision making due to better data
  • More freedom with online access to data and time and expense entry

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By Synergy Business Solutions, Microsoft Gold Enterprise Partner on the West Coast.

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