Microsoft Dynamics GP: Customization Is NOT a Bad Word

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Many organizations, when told they need a customization, experience a deep, cold dread. Everyone has heard the horror stories of customizations taking years and costing boatloads of money only to have to be completely redone when upgrading their system. Microsoft Dynamics® GP is well suited to customization because of the tools available from Microsoft;  and the process to update a customization  is straightforward and doesn’t require a redo on everything.

 The tools available vary – Report Writer, Modifier, Modifier with VBA, SRS reports, Excel Report Builder, Extender, Visual Studio Tools, and Dexterity (the same language Microsoft Dynamics GP is written in).

 Customization can range from adding (or taking away) fields to existing windows or reports, to adding new windows or reports to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The beauty of the Dexterity tool is that the developer can make the new window(s) have the same look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics GP because the Dexterity tool uses the same language that Microsoft Dynamics GP was built with. Another reason to customize would be to improve processes that will cut down on the amount of time users spend doing a task. It is also possible to add your own business logic to processes within Microsoft Dynamics GP (without breaking business rules of course). The question you need to ask is: are you getting what you need for reporting? If there is additional information you need to capture, then customization might be the answer.

 So if you find yourself thinking “I wish Microsoft Dynamics GP did _____” or “I really need more out of Microsoft Dynamics GP”, consider engaging with your partner to determine if customizing is the solution. Ask your partner if they have a dedicated development team. What is the experience level? Have they ever done similar things for other clients? What is the process? Once you have the answers you need, you can decide if a customization for your Microsoft Dynamics GP platform is right for your company.

 By The Resource Group – Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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