Lotus F1 Team Calls on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Winning Formula

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Formula 1 racing can be a dangerously competitive sport, and the Lotus F1 team has called on Microsoft Dynamics to deliver a winning formula to give it a competitive edge. Furthermore, as a partner, Lotus F1 team cars and team member overalls will feature the Microsoft Dynamics logo.

The racing team is thoroughly revamping its business processes with the help of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Over the next few years, the Lotus F1 team will depend on Dynamics AX to enhance every aspect of its business, including design, manufacturing and part testing for each car.

Microsoft Dynamics and the Lotus F1 Team entered into a three-year partnership earlier this year, and Microsoft Dynamics AX is a key component of that partnership, beyond the sponsorship logos adorning drivers and cars.  The Lotus F1 Team intends to win the 2014 Formula 1 World Championship, and Dynamics AX is a business decision that the team hopes will help make that a reality.

Before choosing a Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, the team evaluated 13 other candidates.

None of them came close to delivering the type functionality and service the team needed. Microsoft Dynamics was the clear winner. "We want to be in a position to win. We're investing in people and technology, and we need to improve our processes. I really think Microsoft Dynamics AX is going to help the team in this challenge for 2014," said Lotus F1 Team CIO, Graeme Hackland.

The Lotus F1 Team will study an enormous amount of data from the design stage to race day. Being able to analyze in real time and report on their findings will help team members stay ahead of the competition when it comes to boosting performance, diagnosing problems, and making the overall business run more smoothly. For Hackland Microsoft Dynamics AX gives them the edge they need. "We have to keep innovating, we have to keep changing, and that's where we see the advantage with Microsoft."

Read more: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/news/features/2012/aug12/08-30LotusF1.aspx

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1 thought on “Lotus F1 Team Calls on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Winning Formula”

  1. I was so excited to see Microsoft Dynamics sponsoring a Formula 1 team. Our family loves F1 and now I finally have a team to cheer for that is not my husband's favorite. Let's go LOTUS!!

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