Can You Have eBay Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

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The beauty of operating a business with an online presence is that the ways you can sell your products seems to expand on a daily basis, allowing you to reach an entirely new audience.

This is how eBay has evolved from a simple auction site to a legitimate marketplace for retailers looking to sell additional inventory. Once eBay becomes a viable selling option for you as a retailer, it is important to integrate that with your ERP software system.

Thanks to nChannel, the answer is YES, you can have eBay integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

nChannel provides an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that enables retailers to cost effectively synchronize and exchange sales, customer, and product data from transactions that occur at the register, in the warehouse, or via a web-store.

Incorporating eBay with your Microsoft Dynamics GP system has plenty of benefits for your business, including:

  • ·         eBay orders and customer data can be received by any supported applications, which will automatically update inventory availability
  • ·         Inventory availability is kept in sync between eBay and other sales channels, providing immediate visibility of cross-channel transactions and shipment status from any fulfillment location, such as a warehouse or drop-ship supplier
  • ·         Status and reporting of sales data, inventory, customer purchase histories and more is available via any web browser
  • ·         Customer, item, inventory, sales, and supplier information from your Microsoft Dynamics system is synced to your eBay store, ensuring accuracy across the board

eBay integration into your business’ Microsoft Dynamics system makes store management that much simpler. Product data is easily incorporated into your eBay store, and you won’t have to worry about issues that occur with pricing or inventory transfers.

And as you continue to operate in a multi-channel retail environment, it becomes vital that you keep all of your information synced among your eCommerce, point of sale, and ERP systems. Through the use of a cloud-based ERP connector, you will never have to manually update your system, thus preventing costly mistakes.

With the advent of eBay integration into existing ERP systems such as Microsoft GP (and Dynamics SL and Dynamics NAV too) online businesses are easily able to expand into a new marketplace. Everything from product information to inventory reports is now seamlessly synced to existing systems in both online retail locations and brick-and-mortar establishments.

eBay integration is an effective way to incorporate your business’ new opportunities with all of your existing systems. With a cloud-based ERP connector, eBay will quickly become another successful avenue for you to sell inventory and expand your customer base.

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By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Retail Industry

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