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8 Great New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013: PLUS the Beta is released today

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    I am proud to announce that “around noon” today the GP2013 beta became available to Dynamics Partners.  Which means they will get a first hands-on look at the new features.  So if you are a current Dynamics GP user, or a pre-Dynamics GP 2013 user, look for more announcements from Crestwood here on the ERP Blog.

    Scheduled to release in December 2012, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 will include significant user-enhancements, along with some under-the-hood horsepower for the technical folks operating behind the scenes. Both our developers and consultants, along with our in-house GP users are anxiously awaiting our upgrade!

     This release represents a significant advance for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Some key new features in GP 2013:

    1. Multi-tenancy. You can now have multiple client installations on one SQL Server as the DYNAMICS database can be renamed for each instance. i.e. DYN01, DYN02, etc.
    2. Business Intelligence Improvements. All GP Report Writer reports can be dumped into Word.  CRM integration is much tighter with the home page dashboards.
    3. Cloud-based. The Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 client is built from the ground up to be Web-enabled. However, this is module-by-module. For now, Financials and Distribution are Web-enabled, soon to be followed by HR/Payroll, then Project, then Field Service, and finally, Manufacturing. (All will be available with the General Release in December.)
    4. Management Reporter Viewer. All MR reports are Web-enabled with the MR viewer. The ability to have collaboration on the MR reports is also built-in by allowing comments to be entered and time-stamped for each report.
    5. Dex to Web. All ISV (3rd party) solutions and customizations will be able to live in the cloud without any developer involvement. All Dexterity code is Web-enabled when compiled with the new version. (There is a new commitment to Dexterity and rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated.)
    6. Visual Studio Cloud. The Visual Studio Toolkit will also be cloud-enabled in future phases.
    7. Consolidated Invoicing. Multiple customer orders can be consolidated into one or more invoices – it is no longer one-to-one.
    8. PO Prepayment. You can now enter a pre-payment amount against purchase orders.

     There are many other enhancements from architectural and usability perspectives and we will be talking about them in upcoming posts. Stay tuned! And contact us to learn more about any of the features listed here, or any Dynamics GP questions you may have. 847-394-8820.

    Donna Krizik, MCP
    Crestwood Associates LLC, and Illinois and Indiana Gold Certified Dynamics GP Partner

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