Why Manufacturers Should Consider Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Manufacturing companies are some of the biggest users of ERP systems and when choosing an ERP system manufacturing companies face a unique set of requirements.  The Microsoft Dynamics product line includes four different Microsoft ERP solutions.  Over the years the question has arisen as to whether Microsoft Dynamics GP is a suitable solution for a manufacturing company.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been around for close to 30 years and has built a reputation as a great solution for service based firms and not-for-profits.  However, the reality is that many manufacturing companies use Dynamics GP and the functionality it delivers and are quite pleased.  Logan Consulting is a Chicago based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and we have helped many companies implement and use Microsoft Dynamics GP in a manufacturing environment.

Certainly, there are specific sectors within the manufacturing arena that may not be good fits for Dynamics GP.  Companies that have heavy needs with FDA validation for medical devices or process manufactures may not be a fit.  However, companies involved in assembly, discrete manufacturing, and food and beverage manufacturing can all be a good fit for Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Despite what many people think, bills of material, routings, inventory control, MRP, scheduling, and other manufacturing needs can all be handled by Dynamics GP. In addition, we have found that companies have looked at other solutions and found the advanced and complex functionality unnecessary and difficult to maintain for a mid-market manufacturer. Finally, the reporting functionality offered by Dynamics GP provides superior functionality and aids companies in the decision making process which has really become the key goal of many ERP systems.

Therefore, in our experience if you are a manufacturer it makes sense to consider Microsoft Dynamics GP as a potential solution when you are choosing a Microsoft ERP solution.

By Logan Consulting - Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Chicago, Illinois

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