The Five Crucial Pieces of Good ERP System Design

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When the time comes to implement a new ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, there will be discussions about the design of the system that will require many decisions. Having the right input to help you make the best decisions will set the stage for a successful project.

During the system design phase, the implementation team will recommend how the ERP system will be configured to support the business processes of the organization. If there are processes that the ERP system does not support out of the box, they will suggest customizations or third party solutions.

System design recommendations

The value of an implementation team comes from the experience that they bring to your ERP project. A great team brings depth of knowledge and experience to design a system that fits your business and your people.   

  • Thorough requirements analysis — Working with users and management, an analysis of the current business processes and desired improvements should be complete and fully documented as the foundation of the system design.   
  • Alignment with organizational goals — The design document should clearly address how the business management systems will help to achieve the primary objectives of the organization.
  • Best practice guidance — An experienced implementation team will make recommendations based on best practices that they have learned over time. From reporting advice to add on product suggestions; leverage their expertise to improve system efficiency.
  • Expert functional review — Each ERP system has functional strengths and weaknesses. Your implementation team should have deep expertise with your ERP’s functionality to identify potential issues that can be overcome with customizations.
  • Expert technical review — In addition to functional expertise, you need the advice of a technical expert who understands your current systems and applications as well as the abilities of your IT staff.     

Not sure how system design fits in the overall process of ERP implementation? Click here to download the ERP Implementation Infographic to see the big picture.

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