Important ERP Implementation Tip

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If you are working on your first enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation project or it's been a while since you’ve been an active member in an ERP implementation, here’s an important tip.

Make sure your VAR fully understands your business requirements

If your VAR rushes to install and configure your ERP system, like Dynamics GP or Dynamics NAV, without first obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your business requirements, you will be setting yourself up for misalignment.  You will find that your needs will not match what will be delivered.

Experience has taught us that every ERP implementation should first go through a solution envisioning and architecting process.  It’s better to find out that a product meets or doesn't meet your business requirement early in the analysis phase rather than during testing or, even worse, after go-live.   The process involves:

  1. Understanding what business problems and opportunities you are responding to. (business objectives)
  2. Identifying at a high-level how an ERP system is going to support the identified business objectives. (envisioning)
  3. Reviewing or redefining business processes to ensure alignment with business objectives. (functional requirements definition)
  4. Outlining how the services, tasks, and functions of an ERP system will support the stated end-to-end business processes. (solution architecting)

This process is a very important first step and will help set up your implementation for success.

By Encore Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics VAR in Western Canada

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