Choosing the Right VAR/ISV Relationships for Your Software Implementation

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Within the Microsoft Channel, VARs (Value Added Resellers) offer a variety of solutions and services that many customers can’t get anywhere else. From integrating, customizing, consulting, training, and implementing, there are many services that VARs offer. One of the reasons they can offer so many great services is because many have solid partnerships with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). ISVs offer add-on software solutions to existing products thereby extended the functionality and value of the entire software package.

Forming alliances with ISVs helps VARs focus on their core business while leveraging expertise from ISVs that are focused in a specific area. For example Azox teamed up with Microsoft Partner Columbus and helped their client, Living Essentials (makers of 5 Hour Energy), with their ERP investment by providing a way for them to process credit cards in Microsoft Dynamics GP, saving them money from transaction fees and helping them securely manage their customer credit card data. At Azox we depend on our partnerships with resellers to help drive our own business and connect our expertise in e-commerce and payment processing with businesses that are in need of that expertise. Ultimately, our partnerships with VARs help them add value to their customer base.

“At Azox we believe it’s important to thoroughly educate all of our resellers so they can become experts in not just our products, but e-commerce and payment processing as a whole and pass that along to their clients. Whether it is offering them individual demos, letting them test our solutions for themselves, or developing detailed proposals, we want to make sure our partners have all the necessary information to present to their customers and prospects.” – Giuseppe Ianni, Director of Sales and Marketing at Azox

When it comes to choosing the right software add-on for your business, make sure you look for a partner that has a good relationship with ISVs. Here are some things to look for:

  • What level of partnership does the reseller have with the ISV?
  • How long have they worked together and what type of projects?
  • What type of support is offered?
  • What references can they provide?

We are fortunate to have many good relationships with resellers in the Microsoft community and look forward to building upon our partnerships to help to deliver e-commerce and payment processing solutions for customers.

By Azox, Inc.

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