Will Your Dynamics GP Partner Still Care About Your After the Honeymoon Implementation Phase? VIDEO

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When choosing a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner (or any other ERP partner) to work with, a key area to consider is what they offer AFTER the implementation. Of course customers who are in the middle of an implementation get lots of love and attention. It is the “honeymoon phase”. But what about several years down the road? Will they still “bring you flowers”? In other words, will your Dynamics GP partner still show they care? Here are a few questions to ask in advance:

  1. Do you offer Dynamics GP training sessions for existing customers?
  2. Do you provide Dynamics GP tips and tricks newsletters and regular communication to keep your clients up to date on the latest news from Microsoft?
  3. Do you attend the Microsoft customer events, such as Convergence, with your clients?
  4. Do you organize special LOCAL events for their clients such as user events and workshops?

User events are an especially good way for you to stay connected as an existing client, long after the initial implementation is over.

  1. Networking with industry peers to discuss various scenarios and solutions related to the software.
  2. Valuable training on new features of the software.
  3. A chance to connect with the people working at your Dynamics GP partner and build relationships.
  4. Often these events include ISV partners who can introduce you to new add-on products for Dynamics GP.

Of course I would not make suggestions like this unless I felt confident that my own company would pass the test. Check out our:

  1. Dynamics GP Training Calendar and Customer Events Calendar
  2. Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks eNewsletter, Dynamics GP customer blog and online Client Center resources.
  3. Photos from Convergence 2012
  4. Video from CAL Connect2012 – Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP User Event

We are especially proud of our user event which has grown from a backyard BBQ to a large 2 day event. Nearly 200 people gathered in Cromwell, CT on May 8thfor CAL Connect2012, New England’s largest Microsoft Dynamics GP event. Highlights included an enthusiastic motivational speaker, 17 Dynamics GP sessions, an ISV expo and peer to peer networking for Dynamics GP users. This was our largest event ever and got
rave reviews from our existing customers. Watch the 2 minute highlights video here:

If you are evaluating a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, make sure to evaluate how customers are treated after the honeymoon implementation stage. Even before you become a customer, attend customer events, read customer newsletters and talk to other customers – to really get a sense of what you can expect.

And if you are a New England company looking for a local Microsoft Dynamics GP partner that will treat you right,
contact CAL Business Solutions. We want you to attend CAL Connect2014!

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner that cares for our customers.

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