Why Purchase a Business Solution From Microsoft? Reason #1

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Over the next nine weeks the Microsoft Dynamics ERP blog team at “The Edge” will publish a series of blogs that cover nine reasons why you should consider a business solution from Microsoft Dynamics as your top choice. Each posting will feature a real-life customer story to showcase how customers are “gaining greater control and insight, increasing their profitability, and growing their business with the help of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.”  The first reason to purchase a business solution from Microsoft: It’s More Than Just ERP.

ERP software has revolutionized the way that businesses plan their business. It has made it possible to avoid stacking warehouses with products that won't be ordered for months or years, instead taking action on an as-needed basis. Efficiency has shot through the roof, which is exactly what we need in a world where consumers demand increasingly low prices.

That said, the ERP solutions that Microsoft has to offer are actually most beneficial because of the fact that, well, they're actually more than just ERP.

What do we mean by this? In short, most standalone ERP tools are designed like glorified balance sheets. They allow you to record and track your assets and liabilities, which can help simplify the process of planning what to do with your resources.

In contrast, Microsoft's implementation of business solutions like Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint, and others allows you to approach ERP as more than a collection of isolated parts. Instead, their vision is to turn all of these elements into one cohesive whole.

Microsoft ERP solutions blend together the skills of intelligence, communication, collaboration, ERP, and CRM. Understanding that when it comes right down to it relationships really are resources, this marriage of traditionally separate approaches makes perfect sense.

Microsoft's tools are designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of business models. By incorporating ERP solutions into familiar interfaces like Excel and Microsoft Office, the information can be shared across the company in ways that are easily accessible.

By keeping employees on the ground floor in touch with the most pertinent information, this allows you to revolutionize the way you do business. The ultimate result is happier customers and employees, and a business with a reliable future.

Stay tuned for more reasons!

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