What Does the Microsoft Dynamics® GP Team Have in the Works?

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As a technology advisor, a question we hear quite often when a client is considering investing in new or updated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is: Will it do what I need it to do?  Clients also like to know what the product development team is working on that may make it into future releases. Both of these factors influence a client’s decision of which ERP system to implement. The Microsoft Dynamics Community YouTube Channel is very helpful when learning what the Microsoft development team is working on.

A couple of fun videos our clients have enjoyed demonstrate some “outside of the box” thinking by the Microsoft development team.

1. The first video Microsoft Dynamics GP, Kinect and a Pick/Pack/Ship Scenario presented by Chad Sogge, the Principle Group Program Manager for Microsoft Dynamics, shows us how using a bit of technology borrowed from the living room can assist warehouse workers. Using the Kinect Controller from the Xbox 360 and the provided SDK (Software Development Kit) they have presented a new way for workers to interact with Microsoft Dynamics GP .

2. The second video Microsoft Dynamics GP, Business Analyzer and Kinect also presented by Chad, uses the Kinect but in a different setting, the conference room. They have taken a different approach to the canned PowerPoint presentations for reporting and made an interactive experience where you can control the information dynamically using your voice and simple hand gestures.

If these out of the box features have caught your interest and you would like to see what else Microsoft Dynamics GP can do to make your business life a little easier as well as adding some fun to it, contact InterDyn Artis at sales@interdynartis.com or give us a call at 704.321.3881. Let InterDyn Artis help you budget the cost of upgrading your ERP/accounting software to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Get a free and instant quote today.

InterDyn Artis, established in 1989, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner dedicated to the implementation, training, and support of the Microsoft Dynamics line of products including Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and ProclaimCRM. Let us help you have fun with your ERP software.

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