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Tip from a Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant – Have a Formal Organizational Change Management (OCM) Plan

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) projects, like implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, are people projects.  Our experience has shown that people don’t usually embrace what they don’t understand. To ensure buy-in and alignment within the organization for your new ERP solution, there must be a strategy for managing the people side of the equation.

An Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy will serve two key purposes: Firstly, to communicate the benefits of the projects to stakeholders (employees, vendors, customers, executives, shareholders etc.); and secondly to help prepare people as they transition to the new world.

At a minimum an OCM plan should include the following:

  • Identify how the organization will change in the post-implementation world.
  • Communicate the compelling reason for the change and develop the message that will be communicated to relevant parties.
  • Identify the project leaders and deliver training/support to help them deal with change related issues (Ex. conflict management).
  • Outline changes to roles and responsibilities with the organization and determine an appropriate means and schedule to inform the affected parties.
  • Identify activities that should be done to minimize resistance to change (Ex. providing role specific training, implementing simplified processes, engaging project champions etc).
  • Identify the key people risks in the organization and devise mitigation strategies.
  • Implement a long-term strategy to foster continued adoption after the go-live process (Ex. how often are upgrades and retraining done).

Your partner should assist you in helping create your OMC plan; however, your organization should own the development and execution of the plan because you know and understand your stakeholders the best.

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