The 4th Tier of Microsoft Dynamics® NAV

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We all know that with the introduction of the NAV 2009, we were presented with an architecture revamping namely the “3 Tier Architecture”. The tiers are known as the database layer represented by your SQL server, the NAV Service as the service layer, and the “Role Tailored Client” as the presentation layer.

Microsoft invested massively in separating the business logic from the presentation layer and also introduced additional integration components like the Webservices.  You may ask yourself, where is the 4th layer? You’re probably right - it has to do with NAV2013. NAV2013 comes with a new SharePoint client which is the 4th Layer. Internet Information Services -IIS with SharePoint represents the 3rd Tier to which you can apply theme and “branding” to your application without breaking your pocket. With Zero deployment and crossed browser compatibility, there are definitely new grounds for Dynaimcs NAV.

BDO Solutions is a national firm with local practices throughout Canada, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Reseller of the Year in Canada for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

By Kevin Yeung Sik Yuen, Solution Architect with BDO Solutions, Calgary. Leading Canadian Microsoft Dynamics ERP & CRM Partner

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