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How to Gain Meaningful Insight from Your Budgeting Process

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Many organizations are still relying on Excel spreadsheets for budgeting and planning and are continually frustrated by the lack of control afforded by Excel. They experience errors in formulas, incorrect historical data, or missing audit trails causing them to lose precious time that could be used in more profitable endeavors. This wastes valuable time in an attempt to involve the right people or departments and eliminate errors while consolidating the data.  It’s becoming more and more important for companies to be able to do robust budgeting with “what-if” functionality and make that next step beyond Excel-based budgeting into a fully automated budgeting solution such as Microsoft Forecaster. This budgeting software allows you to become more advanced in your budgeting process and helps you gain better control of your budgeting process.

Microsoft Forecaster’s flexibility provides a database-centric approach that allows for audit capabilities and workflow. Companies spanning the revenue spectrum have come to realize that Microsoft Forecaster enables users to develop accurate, strategic and realistic budgets. From Human Resources budgeting, capital expenditure planning, expense allocation and adjustments, to revenue modeling, Microsoft Forecaster places control and insight at your fingertips. Microsoft Forecaster helps ensure sensitive information is safeguarded; security set-up for groups, users and assignments are combined in a single screen.

For those who are hesitant to learn new software, the user interface is based on design and functionality standards established by Excel; the transition to Forecaster is as smooth and intuitive as possible.

Deployment options include both on premise and in the cloud, so the specific needs of your company can be accommodated.

For more information on how Microsoft Forecaster can bring added benefit to your company, please contact The Resource Group at 425.277.4760.

By The Resource Group - Washington state Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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