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Still looking for a replacement for FRx?  Microsoft suggests Management Reporter.  New features added in 2012 make Management Reporter collaborative and interactive, or so it is claimed.  Well, I guess adding notes to “chat” about a line in a report could technically be called collaboration.  And being able to jump to a line number or looking at journal entries could be called interactive.  But it’s still a report writer, still requires programming, and still requires you to write a new report if you want to change the way you’re looking at the data.

But if you are looking for an alternative that provides truly interactive, self-service reporting that you can share, consider business intelligence.  BIO business intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics provides another migration path from FRx.  You can provide users with pre-programmed reports that they can use as a starting point for further reporting and analysis.  They can drill into, filter, mask, and aggregate the results.  They can rearrange the report, add columns, compare to different time periods, and look at trends with just a few mouse clicks.  And if they discover something worth sharing, they can save the results and make them available to other users.   With BIO, you can look at all of the data in your ERP and combine it with other ERP and operational systems.

Take a look at this short video to get an idea of how BIO works with Financials.

If the video is not centered on your screen, please scroll to the bottom right-hand corner of the video and click on the Full Screen icon, which is a small rectangle with arrows pointing to the four corners.

Join BIO for a free business intelligence webinar to get to see how BIO business intelligence software can help you meet your reporting needs. And please contact me at 203.705.4648 or by email at [email protected] if you have any questions about BIO or business intelligence in general.

By Sandi Forman of BIO Analytics, Corp., Microsoft Dynamics Business Intelligence (BI) Solution Provider

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