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Chiefs and Braves – What Are Their Roles in the ERP Software Selection Process?

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When we’re speaking with prospective clients who are evaluating new accounting software or ERP systems for their companies, our main contact is often a “Chief.” By this I mean a C-level person.  In the industry lingo we call them CXOs (in other words CEOs, CFOs, CIOs).  They’re the Chiefs.  The CFO or CIO may be the person spearheading the search for new software.  The CEO may be the one to ultimately approve the purchase. The CFO may be the one signing the Check. The CIO is probably the person with the most technical experience and as such the person who will have the most hands-on involvement at least during the installation of the software and potentially beyond.

So of course, the Chiefs are very important people (VIPs) and we’ll be presenting to them, dialoguing with them at length, exchanging scores of e-mails, providing them references, taking them to lunch.  You get the picture.  They’re VIPs and they get a lot of attention during the selection process.

But what about the “Braves?”

These are the brave souls who will be using the software every day.  They are the AP and AR clerks, warehouse managers, junior members of the accounting department, pickers and packers… Well guess what?  In reality they are all VIPs without Cs in their titles, because if their needs aren’t being met by the new software, what’s the point? The new software system will not bring about the desired results (better controls, reporting, margins…) unless these brave souls embrace it. They’re on the front line. They absolutely need this software in order to do their jobs! Every day.

As providers of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solutions, we make sure that we give the Braves the attention they deserve, too.  With the Chiefs and the Braves on board, the project is sure to be a success.

For a successful ERP project, contact Altico Advisors and rest assured that we will pay strict attention to everyone’s needs.

By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution serving New Hampshire (NH)

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