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The Resource Group

Bundling Support and Services for Your ERP Software Really Can Save Your Customers Time and Money

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It seems like you can bundle just about anything these days. Whether it’s combining your auto, life, and home insurance into one convenient payment, or grouping together your cell, home phone, internet and TV services into a value-added package, bundling is everywhere. It’s in every industry – from travel and leisure to food and beverage – and this trend is showing no sign of slowing. As such, it only makes sense to also look at how you can bundle support and services for ERP software as well.

 There are many reasons to bundle ERP support and services for your customers. For example, it’s a great way to help your clients better plan their budgets for the year, and it eliminates the need to gain upper-management approval prior to seeking out the necessary, and sometimes time-sensitive, support help. End users also feel empowered as they are able to seek out the help they need when they need it, and can stay better focused on daily tasks and goals. And within your company, it helps to minimize the need for your accounts receivables department to process countless small invoices.

 At The Resource Group, a provider of Microsoft Dynamics® GP (formerly, Great Plains), we recently launched a tiered program offering three levels of support services, including support hours, training classes, and operational reviews for our clients’ Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions.

 We anticipate that the new annual plan will allow our customers to better budget for support and services within their yearly budgets. The plan, designed as a value-added option, covers troubleshooting issues, as well as corrections to reports, screens, inquiries, configurations or other deliverables provided by our company. In addition, our support plan users receive discounts on training classes and passes to RG Connect, our annual Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Conference held in Seattle.

 As with any plan there are restrictions, which are clearly outlined for customers.  For example, the plan does not cover items such as training on product use, additional reports, queries or screen modifications as well as additional customizations, interfaces or functional changes to existing customizations or interfaces.

 For us at The Resource Group, designing an optional three-tiered program in which our help desk support plan services are bundled is one way we’re looking to bring added value to our customers as a Microsoft Dynamics GP service provider.


By The Resource Group – Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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