Expert Advice on How to Choose Add On Solutions for ERP Software

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Microsoft Dynamics GP, and other ERP software systems, offer incredible value right out of the box. However, no matter how good they are, it is impossible for any to meet 100% of the requirements of all customers in all situations. This is where third party add-on products come in. (Also called ISV products). Evaluating add-on solutions for accounting or ERP solutions is a critical part of any software selection.  You don’t want to buy what you don’t need, but you don’t want to miss out on the one or more add-ons that could make your ERP system “just right” for your organization. Especially when many of them are very affordable.

There’s a very informative article, “Add-on Solutions for Accounting or ERP Products” written by Charles Chewning for the Accounting Library blog:

In this post, Chewning outlines specific steps for you to take during your ERP selection process.

First, of course, you must have a clear picture of your business processes, your present requirements, and potential future requirements.

Once you have defined your requirements, your second step is evaluating potential accounting or ERP solutions. These two steps may be time and labor intensive, but will lead to a more satisfactory implementation.

After choosing an ERP solution, you’re going to want to put the same diligence into your search for add-on products to customize the solution for your specific business.   An important consideration will be how well the add-on products integrate with your core ERP solution.

Of course, a knowledgeable, reliable ERP Software Partner can help you with these decisions, but you should do your own homework as well.

In the case of Microsoft Dynamics GP, there is a very extensive network of add on or ISV partners. Sometimes it is very hard to narrow down the field. At CAL Business Solutions we have created an online directory of Dynamics GP add on partners our team has worked with and recommends. Check out the “CAL Marketplace” at  We always recommend asking an experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP partner to assist in evaluating ISV products - their past experiences can prove invaluable. We know which ones work and are easy to work with, and which ones don't!

By Anya Ciecierski, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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