Additional Tools Available in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Recently Microsoft has announced that the Professional Services Tools Library will be available free of charge! This is great news for anyone that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP. This tool library provides a series of utilities to all owners of Dynamics GP. These tools allow adjustments to be made to the system that would otherwise be nearly impossible without the tools. Below I discuss some of the tools; starting with the System Series tools.

System tools

-Database disabler: Allows the system administrator to quickly mark a company database as disabled. This prevents users from logging into the company until it is re-enabled. This can be really useful if you need exclusive access to a company and want to ensure that no one logs in while you are using it.

-Copy Shortcuts: At first glance this tool may seem less than extraordinary. But in certain situations it can be a life saver. With this tool you can quickly copy all the shortcuts that are defined for one user to another user. Imagine a case where your AR clerk has setup a myriad of shortcuts. They have shortcuts to Cash Receipts, shortcuts to Transaction Entry, shortcuts to Reports, etc. that they use on a daily basis. Then assume the employee leaves and we have to get a new AR clerk. With the Copy Shortcuts tool, all of those shortcuts can be easily copied over to the new AR clerk, without asking them to manually set them all up.

-Toolkit: Okay, this tool is not very sexy. But it does make performing some performance enhancing tasks easier for the end users. With this tool you can rebuild the GL index (file that holds general ledger account information), re-create stored procedures, or rebuild indexes, among other things. This prevents the Microsoft Dynamics GP power user from having to connect to the SQL server directly to accomplish these items. Both time saving and handy.

-Update User Date: This tool is straightforward. Assume you are working late at night on an audit. When logging into Microsoft Dynamics GP the date is captured. Once 12:01 arrives the system will prompt you to update the date to the new day. But with the Update User Date utility we can set the system to automatically switch over to the new date without user intervention.

-Menu Inquiry Utility: This tool allows you to see all the commands on the menus regardless of whether they are hidden or not. This tool defines where the command originated, for example the base Dynamics GP product or 3rd party add-on product.

As you can see the Professional Services Tools Library provides several tools to assist with the use of Microsoft Dynamics GP and we only covered the System series in this blog! Next time we will discuss the tools available in the Financial Series, which include things like general ledger account number modifier and combiner.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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