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Have you heard about the Dynamics GP Support Debugger tool available from Microsoft?

The Support Debugger tool is a suite of tools that can assist with the administration of GP.

Of the many features available, the support debugger tool can capture screen shots that display a user’s question or error. At the same time, the tool can provide Support personnel the dynamics.set and dex.ini file from that user workstation.

To get the most of the Support Debugger tools, it is strongly recommended that it is installed on all client workstations. (When installed, it creates its own set of GP security roles and tasks)

Once installed to capture screen shots…..Go to - Tools>Capture Screenshots (Crtl+S)

The user will be presented the Support Debugging Tool ScreenShot window. This will allow the user to select any of the windows the users has open and to decide if they will send the dynamics.set and dex.ini files. The {Not Found} button in my screen shot would be active if I had email setup on my VPC and you could email the document, rather than save them to a folder. However, clicking on save will save the screen shots and the files requested to the Save Path at the top of the window.

When you save or email, the screen shots, files and a system summary.txt file will be provided to the support person.

The system summary file includes information such as the user who is logged into GP and some computer or system information.

This ‘simple’ feature with the Support Debugging Tool – may make some support cases just a bit easier to trouble shoot.

If you would like a copy of this tool, you need to request it through your partner. Let us know if we can help you get this installed!

By InterDyn BMI – Your Minnesota-Texas Dynamics GP Partner.

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