Popular A La Carte Modules for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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When you purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP you get a huge range of functionality/modules included with each user license.  The Business Essentials edition includes 22 modules and the Advanced Management edition includes 45 modules.  And many companies will never need more than that. But there are a few modules that need to be purchased “a la carte” for an additional cost.  Before you purchase the system you should know:  what are those modules and what functionality do they add?

To see a brief description of each Dynamics GP A la carte module read our full blog post: “15% off our Favorite Microsoft Dynamics GP A La Carte Modules: SmartList Builder, Extender, Payroll, HR and More”.

 But here are a few of our clients' favorite a la carte modules for Microsoft Dynamics GP:

SmartList Builder – Dynamics GP gives you a set number of SmartLists. (A SmartList is an easy flexible way to find and sort  information in the accounting system then use that info in Word or Excel). But SmartList Builder lets you create your own, across multiple databases. For example, create a SmartList to connect the vendor list and item list to show items purchased from specific vendors and all related details. Regular list price: $1,950. (Video: Using Smartlists to Find Data Fast)

Extender – This tool allows you to add additional user defined fields to Dynamics GP windows. This way you can track additional data related to that screen and those fields can be used in reporting and SmartList. Out of the box Dynamics GP gives very few user defined fields (2 on customer record, 0 on inventory master, 2 on vendor master etc…) and they are only text fields. With Extender you can add new fields in new formats, without being a developer. Regular List Price: $2,450.

Payroll – With easy automated tax filing for Dynamics GP, now is a great time to consider bringing payroll in house. Read our related post Cost Comparison of Using Microsoft Dynamics GP for Internal Payroll vs. ADP Outsourced Payroll Regular List Price: $3,000 for up to 100 employees.

Human Resources – this department is often overlooked but Dynamics GP has great tools to help you attract and retain top talent plus employee self service tools to make everyone’s life easier. Regular List Price: $3,000 for up to 100 employees.

Other Dynamics GP A La Carte Modules include:

 Download the Dynamics GP Product Guide for a description of each of the modules available within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 (standard and a la carte) grouped by the functional areas they address to help you see the impact on your business.

Not sure of the difference between Business Essentials and Advanced Management editions? See our previous post: Compare Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials versus Advanced Management: When Is The Advanced Management Edition Worth the Higher Price?

If you are a Southern New England company evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact CAL Business Solutions 860-485-0910 to review the standard and a la carte functionality available with the system.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut/Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner



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