Microsoft Dynamics Supports Innovation to Build Competitive Advantage

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95 percent of business and government executives from around the world believe that innovation is important to the success of their organizations, according to a recent study by HP. For the private sector, 74 percent of executives said innovation is very important to support their organizations’ profitability. Microsoft Dynamics GP can help your employees and your company be more innovative to stay ahead of the competition.

Accounting and ERP systems have traditionally been used as transactional systems that can only report on past performance. Microsoft Dynamics GP is changing the role of ERP to improve efficiencies that allow employees to spend more time working proactively. Embedded business intelligence provides insight not only into current activities, but also into trends to predict the future.

For example, a distributor who can monitor the sales pipeline and backorders in one system can spot a new fashion trend before the competition. In the headquarters of the retail business with a unified view of both web and brick and mortar commerce, they will get their orders in ahead of the retailers who have to wait for weekly sales reports.

As more and more data becomes available, Microsoft Dynamics is evolving to filter and apply the information to help businesses find innovative ways to build sales. Imagine combining transaction history with information about key factors like weather, traffic, local event calendars, and demographics. A retailer can identify unexpected correlations and offer creative promotions.

Microsoft Dynamics GP also makes it easier for workers across departments to share information that can unlock new opportunities. Silos of information keep departments from realizing the potential of their combined knowledge and hinder the creativity of organizations.

Microsoft has just released a white paper entitled “Dynamic Business: From Aspiration to Reality” sharing the vision of how business can adapt to the new social realities. Download the white paper and let’s talk about how KTL Solutions can help your business get creative with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Contact Gary at [email protected] or 866-960-0001.

by KTL Solutions, Washington DC Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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