How to Solve Your Online Accounting Problems with a Hosted ERP System

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Move to the cloud or stay on premise? What do you choose? Some firms are very skeptical about moving to the cloud, while others welcome it. If you are a company that thinks it’s time for a change, then using Hosted ERP System will be for you. Read the following list that I wrote about benefits of Hosted ERP System below:

  • Do you prefer to pay for what you use? Hosted Dynamics GP uses a subscription based licensing model, where you pay for the number of user licenses.
  • Trying to keep your cost low? Licensing fees are very predictable and can be known in advanced.
  • Looking to get a quick start on things? Hosted Dynamic GP guarantees faster deployment and implementation than does on premise.
  • Do you want to save energy costs?  You don’t have to have a server; you just need an internet connection.
  • Still want to be in control of your data and business? Don’t worry, you also have 24/7 access to your data. You have the options of adding and removing users if you choose.

Are you still undecided? If you want to learn more information about Hosted Dynamics GP, visit our website At WebSan Solutions Inc. we help you unlock your system's potential.

By: Natalie Williams, Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Canadian Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner

6 thoughts on “How to Solve Your Online Accounting Problems with a Hosted ERP System”

  1. Your office has contracted with a landlord to rent office space for $800 a month. On March 1, 2017, you make a cash payment of $720 to the landlord, withholding $80 rent tax as required by the law. You will remit the $80 to the Medium Tax Office at a later date. What is the journal entry that you will make on March 1 to record the transaction with the landlord? Please list which accounts you will debit and credit as well as how much you will debit or credit each account.

  2. plz solve this

    1. Khalid invested in business cash Rs.40000, office equipment Rs.60,000
    2. Purchase merchandise for cash Rs. 6000
    3. Purchase goods on credit from Zahid Rs.10000
    4. Sold merchandise on credit to Amir Rs.10000
    5. Paid rent expense Rs.600
    6. Sold merchandise for cash Rs. 3500
    7. Earned commission Rs. 10000
    8. Purchase supplies on credit from Aleem Rs. 800
    9. Paid traveling expense Rs. 650
    10. Sold merchandise to Mr. Kareem Rs. 4000 on credit.
    11. Khalid withdrew cash for personal use Rs. 3000
    12. Rendered services to client and received commission Rs. 2000
    13. Paid insurance for the month Rs. 500

    Prepare a trial balance at July 31,2002

  3. A company took a car for rent for 500 and again gave in rent for 550 to the company ABC .prepare the journal in tally

  4. Following information is available for company for January and February 2009 January February
    sales 3800000 6500000
    profits — 300000
    loss 240000 —

    a)break even sales volume
    b)profit or loss @ 46lakhs sales
    c)sales to earn a profit of 5 lakhs

    kindly solve this for me now

  5. d) Mr john has to be paid a salary of Rs 600,000 and Mr danial a salary of 1,200,000, both the partners have to be paid 20% interest on their capital investment, and the remainder has to be distributed in proportion of partners’ capital. with net income 2800000 john’s beg capital 5000000 and danial 2500000 .
    what will be the adjusting entry at the year 2013 december 31

  6. Please help to solve and show how to solve this accounting problem:

    Beginning Equity Balance:__________________
    Assets during year: 80,000
    Assets at end of year: 180,000
    Liability during year: 10,000
    Ending Equity Balance: 130,000

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