Dynamics SL 2011 Feature Pack 1: Why Should You Care?

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If you've been around the Microsoft world for a while, well, even for a minute, you know that they are really fond of new 'releases', touted to be the latest and greatest and with sometimes disappointing results. In their defense, sometimes new releases fix things that aren't necessarily user-level features--more under-the-hood types of changes that help in the background.  But scrap all that, and get ready for some wow with Dynamics SL Feature Pack 1, which is scheduled to release in September/October 2012.  (I can't wait).

As an SL user, I'm thrilled about several new features, including:

  1. Hard Close by Module (no longer stuck hard-closing everything).
  2. Suppress batch control reports by module (same thing here -- they realized we want choices)!
  3. Project Flex Time Enhancements – Support for multiple invoice comment entry
  4. Business Analyzer (BA)
    1. Dashboard for Business decision makers
    2. Views Microsoft SQL Server® Reports
    3. Report collaboration through Microsoft Lync®
    4. Deploys independent of the Microsoft Dynamics SL rich client
    5. Quick Query Enhancements including Report generation wizard that you can use to create SSRS reports directly from Quick Query!

If you are already using SL and would like to become a beta site for SL 2011 FP1, let us know!  Opportunities are limited, and beta will begin in July.

Crestwood will be conducting a free What's New in Dynamics SL 2011 webinar on July 25, 2012 at 11:00.  Sign up or learn more here.

Thanks, and have a great holiday weekend.

Donna Krizik, MCP
Crestwood Associates LLC - an Illinois Dynamics SL partner

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